Has it really been that long?

I can’t believe I have not written since July of 2017.  Reminds me of that saying “the days go by slow, but the years go by fast”.  So true.  The only excuse I have is that when I was not renovating, I was raising this crazy dog Duke.  It is like having a toddler, getting into everything.  When you can’t hear anything, you know he is into something.  So we basically took the summer off.   I am going to try and remember how it all went down!

In September, we talked about plans for the master.  It was so poorly laid out originally with a small room and vanity  and  another room with the tub, shower, another vanity and the toilet.  The vanities were raspberry color, and the wall between the two rooms cut off a vaulted ceiling with this platform/shelf.  We had a hard time imagining what it could become.  We just couldn’t make any decisions and were arguing what to do.  Of course I wanted it finished and wanted to hire someone, but we didn’t have that kind of money without being involved with doing some of it ourselves.

Then, one day I ran into our old buddy Alex from Stonegates Construction.  They were winding up some jobs and wanted to know how the master was coming along.  He convinced me to at least pay him to do plans, he had all the software and ideas and could better visualize it on paper.  Then I could pay him hourly between jobs to get started.  That was such a blessing and I was so happy I ran into him.  His plan was just what we needed.

After some revisions we were ready to go and they came and demoed and started framing up.  There was window next to the toilet over the air conditioners that we decided to abandon.  We wanted a window to the back yard instead to let sun in the afternoon.  We made a linen closet where the old toilet was and put the new toilet in an old closet.  We opened up the vaulted ceiling and moved the shower to where the old tub was. I added heated tile because that part of the house seemed cold to me.   Here are the pics of what was done:


This was before.  That curtain looks like a coffin! What you see over the vanity is a mirror that reflects a mirrored closet and window.


This is when we gutted and ripped down the wall of course water damage everywhere


This is after, we added a long window in the back


ripping out walls


View now with pocket door on left into closet


The two rooms were separated and this ugly shelf was there. we ripped it out to vault the ceiling


opened up the vaulted ceiling and wall and replaced both triangle windows


This is where the tub was (and the snake skin!)


I added a walk in shower without a door



we got rid of this window so double vanities could go there and a linen closet


One of our biggest arguments was the shower door, whether to have one or not.  I just hate that job and I always wanted a walk thru shower and we didnt have room.  I got my way and I was worried the water would splash out but it doesnt!

We put the  toilet in the old closet that was there and added a 3/4 wall


The master was laid out poorly, with a small area by the entrance and then another section that is partly vaulted.  We decided to add a half wall to break up the space and be able to put our bed on the other side of the wall.  We added cabinets to store clothes since our closet is not very big.


view from master with half wall added with cabinets


Picture from the sitting room. before the counter finished.

There were two closets we gutted and made into one big one.  We added cabinets to that space as well.  I wanted something different for the tops, so I had Cochrans lumber make me some wood ones, which I stained and polyed.


the new closet, put in a barn door that leads to the office.

We were going to put carpet in the master, but we decided that hard wood would be better for cleaning (thanks to Duke) and the sub floor was kind of gross I didnt think I could just cover it with carpet.

We also finished the powder room, originally I don’t have a picture it was an avacado green pedestal sink and toilet and when you opened the door it hit the toilet.  Its a pretty big room so we were able to go wall to wall on the top we got at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke.  It’s a slab of walnut I with a live edge and I stained and polyed it.  I had Elmer add the pebble back splash.


While he was there, we had the backsplash added to the kitchen and behind the stove.  I fell in love with these blue painted tiles that match the blue island. The rest was just white subway tile I got from Home Depot.

IMG_5781It took so long to complete all this we just finished this week and are finally moving in.  Yes the end of May.  So it has been a 2 year renovation. We still have the big tile room to redo but again are taking the summer off.

I have learned patience and reliance on the Lord for the small and large things.  I am glad we didn’t rush into it  because we were able to think everything through and make changes. Also during that time, my mom sold her lake house (so quickly!) and moved into our lake house.  All her extra furniture was sent up here and is stored in two of our garages. She wants to build a small house on our property and will live in the apt in the meantime.  The poor thing has been going back and forth while we finish the house.   We have been meeting with architects and builders and septic and  well diggers to get it all squared away!   What a blessing that she was at our lake house keeping an eye on it because we have not had much time to get down there.    Over the fall and winter some beavers took many trees down along the shoreline on our street.  Too bad they decided to make their nest under our dock!  One neighbor lost so many nice trees, she called a trapper.  They were never able to catch them but they moved on.  Unfortunately the nest is still there.  Its going to take a whole weekend to detangle it and remove it.


Here is the nest peeking out from under the dock


Here is a close up of what we are dealing with!

Well that is it! Thanks to everyone for your support and pushing me to finish this blog.

Now I am focusing back onto real estate.  I have switched brokerages to Coldwell Banker downtown Leesburg.  Stop in if you see me thru the window! And feel free to call me if you have any real estate needs.  Maybe you would like to buy a foreclosure or bank owned property.  It’s a piece of cake…



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