Time has flown by!

I finally have a moment to write and I can’t believe how long it has been.  I look back on the last post and can’t believe how far we have come!  I don’t have much time to write so I will just show pictures.  Nothing major has gone wrong that I remember, so I can thank the good Lord for that…  I will show pictures of the transformation during construction. It all seems like a blur now. I had the wall taken down between the family room and the kitchen.  Then the hard wood was installed, then the cabinets, then the hard wood was finished, then the appliances were put in.  It is very time consuming, and the countertop has to be installed before the appliances and before the hard wood is finished.

Once again, Stonegate Construction to the rescue, they were so awesome during the kitchen. John designed an awesome crown molding and trim design for the foyer.  I painted and filled holes and caulked and re painted I am so tired of all that I can’t wait until everything is finished.  I remember after the hard wood was installed I kept vacuuming and vacuuming my arm was so sore, everyone made a mess all the time.IMG_4912IMG_4911




Stonegate designed and installed my pantry in the corner


I put some cute opaque glass on the pantry door


All my kitchen cabinets delivered to the great room ready to be installed


base cabinets go first


one downside to open kitchen is less wall cabinets! I added alot of drawers in the base cabinets



I didnt really want granite countertop, but I found a beautiful marble- looking granite out of Brazil that was cheaper than quartz and less staining than marble.  I didnt think granite came in white.  The marbling really helps the blue island stand out and I love it.  This time I used Sky Marble, they were great too and the cheapest price.




here is counter going in

Here is the stairwell, all finished and opened up!


old dark stairwell




Old kitchen with pink formica. Where the stove is we opened a doorway


Remember when Justin was Tearing down all the drywall in the kitchen?


well…here it is now!


I added a cast iron farm sink. I have always had a stainless sink, anxious to see if I really like it in time. Its harder to keep clean and maintain…


original dining and family room



old fireplace






Where wall of mirrors were



love this barn wood wall!

The wall of mirrors was replaced with barn board purchased from Cochrans Lumber in Berryville and installed by Mark and me one weekend.  Wasn’t a bad experience.



This was original door.  I know I was going to refinish it and my mom and I spent so many hours working on it.  However, I didnt like the windows on the side and the door was just ugly, so we bought a new one.  It came finished on the inside and outside so I didnt have to paint it.



i chose black inside to match the inside staircase. Then I painted the old brass light fixture in the stairwell flat black to match everything



I took the glass out and spray painted it. Good as new!





old nasty laundry room


New laundry room awaiting washer dryer and some cabinets


This was office that had double doors to a hallway. We closed those doors in and made a closet out of them. We also made a passway into the future master and hung a barn door



The old deck and wall of windows in the back


We love our new deck and how it turned out


Before…looking up to the loft staircase


now looking up to the loft staircase

SO…we are finished, up to the master.  We just could not afford to do any more and I do not have the energy.  We will probably pick it up in the fall after Justin is back at college. He has been gutting it and taking it to the dump a bit.  I want to be totally finished with painting and moving in before I start the master.  Plus we just bought a new puppy and he is so time consuming!  Just in time to scratch the new hard woods!


Meet Duke!




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